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Finger Flyer Educational Drone STEM Kits 

Safe, durable and affordable.

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Our drone STEM kits pair our new, intuitive quadcopter drones with guided, hands-on lab activities that make education engaging and fun! Each kit contains everything needed to assemble, explore, and operate our patented gesture-control drones while learning about the underlying technology, physics, aerodynamics, and manufacturing.

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Guided Educational Lab Activities 

Lab 1: The Basics of Quadcopter Drone Technology

Lab 2: The Physics of Quadcopter Drone Flight

Lab 3: The Aerodynamics of Quadcopter Drones

Lab 4: The Design of Quadcopter Drone Sensors
Lab 5: The Design and Manufacturing of Drones

x1 Finger Flyer base ​with:
       x1 PCB (prototype circuit board)
       x4 Rotors pre-soldered/wired to PCB
       x5 Infrared gesture control sensors
       x1 Barometer altitude sensor 
x4 Propellers with x2 included spares
x2 Custom experimental plastic tops
x1 Finger Flyer finger-port board 
x1 LIPO high-performance battery
x1 Quick-charge USB charger
x1 Infrared transmitter one-touch remote
x1 Screw driver

x5 Hands-on, guided lab activities
       70+ pages of content
       Answer keys with grading rubric

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What's in each STEM Kit?

Everything needed to assemble, operate, and fly your drone.

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Educational STEM Kits

Made by students for students

Finger Flyer educational drone STEM kits were created to offer an exciting educational solution for learning about drones inside and outside of the classroom. Each educational drone STEM kit provides an assembly guide, explains the flight principles, underlying physics, and the drone technology that makes it all possible! 
Finger Flyer educational drone STEM kits are customized to meet each client's unique needs. Whether it be an in-class lab, group activity, or just a fun educational gift, Finger Flyer has a solution for you! Finger Flyer STEM kits makes education engaging and fun! 

Finger Flyer STEM kits in 60 seconds

Meeting the creators, overview of STEM kits, and educational lab content

Intuitive, Immersive Technology

Our patented technology puts the power of flight at your fingertips!

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