The CREATION of finger flyer

Finger Flyer Hoverboards are a fun, new way to experience quadcopter drones born out of our shared passion to inspire curiosity and foster interest for flight technology. We were driving around our home town, riding the wind with our hands, dreaming of an exciting, novel way to intuitively control the quadcopter drones that we were researching. 

Then it struck us, what if the best controller was no controller at all. With sensors for gesture control, altitude hold for steady flight, and a fingerboard for loads of tricks, Finger Flyer Hoverboards offer a truly one of a kind experience! They're fun, safe, durable and have something to offer all ages! Introducing the world's first hoverboard for the hands!

Jacob Parker

Georgia Tech - Engineering

Jacob Parker is the inventor of Finger Flyer Hoverboards. Jacob helped obtained three patent applications for Finger Flyer technology and helps run the manufacturing supply chains in the USA and China. When Jacob was younger, his first quadcopter drone helped foster his fascination with flight and technology, which ultimately helped guide him into his studies at Georgia Tech and his full-time career as an engineer for The Boeing Company! Jacob hopes to help foster that same sense of fascination for engineering and technology while offering a fun, novel experience for others too!

Erin Morrow

High Point University - Education

Erin Morrow has a background in education and a love for STEM, which brought her onto the team as the lead for Finger Flyer Educational drone STEM kits. Erin is currently leading the development of the Finger Flyer drone educational STEM kit for learning inside and outside the classroom. As the lead for STEM kits, she is responsible for developing the corresponding educational material, market coordination, customer acquisition, and branding direction. She has several years of experience working with children in educational settings. Erin is driven by the mission to make education fun and engaging!

Tamir Gonen Cohen

Georgia Tech - Engineering

Joshua Parker

Umass Lowell - Engineering

Abigail mugshot cropped.jpg

Abigail Gianis

Georgia Tech - Physics