Meet Finger Flyer.

A fun, new way to interact with toy drones that puts the power of flight at your fingertips! Much like a futuristic hoverboard for the hands, the Finger Flyer Hoverboard is controlled by both the physical contact of a player's fingers and gesture control sensors! The Finger Flyer Hoverboard can perform tricks, flips, spins, be passed to friends, and more!



What's Included

Every standard order includes a Finger Flyer Hoverboard drone, finger-port board, high performance battery, USB charger, and two extra propellers!



Every Finger Flyer Hoverboard is equipped with gesture controlled sensors that allow your hoverboard to be passed, rotated, and more! Finger Flyer has something to offer every age, and the gesture sensors are easy to use when getting started!




Finger Flyer is proud to announce that we are now manufacturing in the USA and China! Hoverboards are available now in the shop! Happy Hoverboarding!

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